Photobooth Ideas for Kiddie Party

Kids love to party. This is one of the things they want to go and attend to. Aside from seeing their friends or classmates, they can also be happy by eating their favorite food and playing with the other kids.


To plan the best birthday party of your kid, you’ll need a few things. If you want to get a planning team or an event organizer, then good for you since you will just decide for things and the planner will be the one to do the manpower.


However, if you want to DIY your kid’s party, you must exert your effort. First, you should pick a theme. Remember that old school photobooth is a no-no since there are a lot of new ideas today you can use. Here are some of the ideas that you might want to check!

Photobooth Ideas

An entertaining backdrop and a few blush-inducing props, surely all the kids and even the adults will soon be mingling in front of the camera. Whether you’re planning to rent or to DIY a photobooth for your or someone else’s wedding, this is for you!

Classic Photo Booth

A classic photo booth gives a simple yet beautiful booth for all the kids in the party. You don’t need much props and decorations here, you just have to make a spacious booth with a camera and with some simple toys and backdrops.

Character Framed Wall Photobooth

This design or style is somewhat like the classic photo booth but with some twist. The style here is that you will create or order a frame with a cartoon character in it. The huge frame will serve as the back wall of the booth or the backdrop. It can also be a picture of the birthday celebrant or his/her family.

Rainbow Photo Booth

Nowadays, rainbow parties are making a comeback. In fact, it gives the vibrant feel that children need for their emotional intelligence development. Aside from that, the rainbow backdrop also gives energy to the captured moments.

Stuffed Toys Party

Make the children happier with lots of stuffed toys in the photo booth. These fluffy and cute toys can be their props while taking a picture. It also calls the attention of the kids so that they will make more and more photos.


These are just a few of the many photo booth ideas that you may apply in a kiddie party. It is still important to make your photo booth related with the theme or motif of the party. What you should keep in mind is that the guests, kids or adults, will enjoy the whole party.