Lottery is an easy way to get the huge jackpot

The first step to be taken to play the lottery game is to login in any one of the reliable site. The starting day of lottery is Monday and its ending day is Sunday. These days are fixed and it happens every week in the same phase. The final prize of winning is $4,500 bitcoins. It can also be more while considering BTC. You can bet on the HI-LO dice game to gain more benefit. Each and every 500 satoshi which values nearly 0.00000500 BTC that you bet on Free Bitcoin will surely help you to earn at least one lottery ticket.


Chances to win lottery

You can have more lottery ticket if you bet many times. Your betting determines the number of lottery ticket that you possess in your hands. There is a page on free bitcoin official site called as the free BTC roll. This is the platform where you can earn up to $200 every hour. Each and every roll that you give out will certainly bring you two lottery tickets. Just refer your friends to open a free account in free bitcoin and if they play the Free BTC game, you will be rewarded one lottery ticket for every free roll that your friends play. As the week progresses, the total number of lottery tickets that you earn will get added up as total in your account on a weekly basis. On Sunday, lottery draw picks up 10 lucky winners where the topmost winner will be likely to get $ 4,500 in BTC.