An introduction to Vitamin D

There are several ways by which one can actually remain fit and healthy – consuming vitamins, proteins and minerals and other essential nutrients at the right amounts on a regular basis is probably the easiest ways. However, how many of us know what is vitamin D and how it is helpful for an individual?

Vitamin D

While there are infinite vitamins present, the Vitamin D is considered to be one of the most significant ones. Under the vitamin D, there are multiple unique D vitamins present like the – vitamins D2, D3, D 4 and the list is endless. Of all these vitamins, the vitamin D3 is the most commonly used for human benefits. There are varied ways by which one can avail Vitamin D3 in the body – from sunlight, foods that contain the vitamin naturally or supplements like D3 Serum. However, thanks to the lifestyle we live in today, many a times seeking sunlight and food products high in vitamins becomes difficult to avail. This is where the vitamin D3 capsules come into picture. A human body that is high in vitamins is more prepared to combat several diseases and illnesses that might attack the body. There are several benefits of availing vitamin D. Here are a few of them that will help you understand what vitamin D is and what are its benefits…

  • You body becomes more cancer resistant
  • Absorption of more amounts of calcium leading to stronger gums and teeth
  • Leads to build stronger bones; thereby prevents fractures
  • Helps to prevent several conditions like multiple sclerosis
  • Good amount of vitamin D in the body also builds the resistance power required to fight toxic buildups and pathogens
  • Normal function of the body immune system
  • Contributes largely to the normal cell division in one’s body
  • Muscles can function in a better way
  • Helps in getting relief from joint pains too

Vitamin D3 and Glucosamine

Joints are usually cushioned by fluid and cartilage so that they function as intended.  For those people who have osteoarthritis, the reason is that cartilage is either worn down or becomes thin over time.  This usually results in joint pain, friction from bone rubbing on bone and stiffness too.  Researchers are of the opinion that vitamin supplements can help and even increase the fluid and cartilage surrounding the joints to help in preventing the further breakdown of both the substances.